Stop Your Xbox 360 Freezing The Easy Way

Published: 16th June 2010
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If you are an avid gamer then you most likely own an xbox 360. Since they released it, it has been extremely popular all over the world. As with any technology it still has problems and one common problem is the xbox 360 freezing. It can be very frustrating when you are playing your favorite game and right about to get the next level and your xbox 360 freezes out of nowhere and you can't get back to playing. Keeping reading to find out why it may be freezing and what you can do about it. You will learn how to resolve this annoying issue so you can get back to gaming.

Before you worry about the level of skill required for xbox 360 repair, rest assured that is not to complicated and you can do it yourself. Let's take a look at why your xbox 360 is freezing. It usually is caused by the graphics processor unit or GPU getting to hot. You experience the xbox 360 freezing up when the GPU unit heats up to high and the system freezes or shuts down to try and protect any damage happening to the console.

The freezing is not something permanent and can be fixed. One way to stop the GPU from heating up is to apply a thermal grease in the area that separates the heat sink and the graphics processor unit. You can usually find thermal grease at any electronics store around town. There are a few steps involved in this process such as opening up the console and removing the hard drive. Then you will need to remove the motherboard and also the heat sink. This allows you to get to the are you need to apply the thermal paste. Make sure you wipe clean the area before you apply the grease to get rid of any dust.

After you have removed the components to expose the GPU you can apply the thermal grease on top of it and then put the heat sink back into place. After that proceed to reinstall the motherboard and hard drive, then close back up the console. When you have completed the above steps, you should be good to go and have alleviated the heating problem.

The above steps may sound easy at first but one you actually find a way to open up the xbox it can be a little overwhelming looking at all the different components. It can also be difficult to know what the motherboard, hard drive, GPU, and heat sink are. If you want to be sure to do the job properly to get rid of your xbox freezing issue then it is best to get an xbox 360 repair guide.

Xbox 360 repair manuals and videos will show you the step by step process on how to fix xbox 360 freezing and other common issues you may encounter later on. While some people will be better off sending in the xbox to Microsoft to be repaired, it can come with a cost of $150 along with a 6-8 week waiting time. If you are confident you have identified the error or issue then using an xbox 360 repair guide is all you need.


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